The Granary Studio
In Kent UK is a state 
of the art recording 
facility in Lamberhurst
Kent. Featuring two
Live rooms, Instruments
Drums and rehearsal PA. 
Bookings at 

We believe there is great new music out there that deserves to be heard, and we play it.
If you would like to be included,

1. Listen in to one of our shows

2. If you have a song which fits our adult contemporary format, send it to us
3. We listen to every song!
4. If we think it has good bones, but needs tweaking,
we’ll get back to you with ideas.
5. If we don’t think it fits, we’ll tell you why.
6. Your song will be played for at least 2 months across our shows.
7. We will also offer our advertising deal (below) which can only help your sales
8. If you don’t want to take it up, we will still play your song. Your choice.


1. Make sure you’ve set up a place where people can buy your songs.
2. Email us an ident. including your name and the website to purchase your record from
3. Pay £20 (check conversion rates) to our PayPal listed below
4. This will last for 4 weeks, or at least 3 plays a week.
5. Every time your song is played, the ident. is played.
6. We will inform you when the 4 weeks is up if you want to continue.
7. Please make sure to include a download site where people can purchase your song

Advertising on WRTV is easy.  Just send us an email and we will set up a meeting with
you to discuss the best way forward to help you advertise your new album or tour.

Your Ad will be in front of millions of viewers and listeners around the world. Think
about it.  We will make you a commercial for TV or Radio, at the cheapest rate on the
Planet.  We, here at Wrokdown, are devoted to getting the music started again just as it was
prior to the pandemic.

Send us an email, wrokdown@outlook.com outlining what you want and we will get
right back with a proposal for you. Below are a couple of our clients commercials.
Brendan McMahon - Skin & Bone Radio Tag.mp3
Here are a selection of Idents. That you can get ideas from you can send them via
We transfer or Transfer now to wrokdown@outlook.com
clayton ident2.wav Tahnja Wolter ident.mp3