Session Guitar Show Reel

Pete Tindal has had an interesting career in music. Starting off in the mid sixties, he managed to have several big charting records and number one hits in Australia. Moving to the UK in the early 70’s he became a session guitarist at Warner Chappell Music in London. And then a solo performer in Europe. Singing the Blues in Cafes and bars in almost all of the EU cities.

On returning to Australia in the mid 80’s he continued to play and produce sessions as a Slide Player. In 1986 he was signed to Warner Chappell Music and began touring with a Biker Blues band.The band garnered success with a song called Black Denim Trousers.

In the mid 90’s He moved back to the UK and continued to play and record all over the UK and EU. He got lucky with a tune called “IF I Lived Here” in America and it was on the strength of this he began touring the USA again with the Biker Blues Band Chainsaw Sprocket Knucklehead and Tank.

Pete’s music is released by Crocodile music in London

Pete Is available for Slide Guitar session work. Please have a listen to the solo samples on the show reel below. Pete can be contacted through

Solo: 1

Solo: 2

Solo: 3

Solo: 4

Solo: 5
solo 2web.mp3 solo 3web.mp3 solo 4.webmp3.mp3 solo 5.webmp3.mp3 solo 6web.mp3 solo 9web.mp3 solo reel tranceweb.mp3 solo1web.mp3 solo10web.mp3 solo14web.mp3 Soloweb a.mp3 Solo 6
Solo :7
Solo: 8
Solo: 9
Solo 11
Solo 12