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The Cherokees
The Complete Cherokees 60’s Collection  CD    
All of the classic Cherokee hits from the 60’s
This album will take you back ,and awaken all
of  those memories from that fabulous time,
Minnie The Moocher, Oh Monah ,
A full length ninety minute
film of how the band does
a deal with the Devil for a
hamburger. The band then
has to get out of hell by passing
an X factor contest Then they
have to get a gold record.
How crazy is that. Not if you
This movie Is really tripped out,
You can watch it as a download
from Vimeo. Just click

The Iconic Biker Band From Australia
With ongoing sales since 1986.This album
Is the one that got the deal with Warner Chappell
Full of true Blue Biker Songs and petrochemical
Biker Lifestyle.
Chainsaw Sprocket Knucklehead and Tank
This is a ninety minute audio book based On the album
Black Denim Trousers It tells the tale if a gang of Bikers
just back from Vietnam, who find their brother killed,their
whorehouse, diner. bike repair  place  taken over by a rival gang .
Oh and the Dragon Lords are coming back to kill everyone.
The Cherokees: The Burger Van At The End Of The Gig
Chainsaw Sprocket Knucklehead and Tank
Pete rattlebone Tindal's Genuine
Bottleneck Blues Slide. Cut from a
wine bottle on the full moon at the
Crossroads.  The edges smoothed
by Dragons breath . Feel the silky
Mississippi Delta tones drip from
Your Guitar. This slide will ruin
your life and put you deep into
The Blues, it will make you a true
Blues Man . You have been warned
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